Snyde’s Interlude: Part 1

There are very few assassins and thieves in Tunaria that are not familiar with Snyde Cragsmear. He’s the first person a Human Rogue meets before he or she begins to train. Or, he was. A couple of years ago, Snyde abandoned his post as Master of the Qeynos Rogue’s guild. He recruited two of his top students and they went to Kerra Island to explore and hone their abilities. So when Snyde and his two students found themselves back on Kerra Island, they weren’t in the least bit lost.

It took them three days to run back to Arcadin and another day was spent on the ferry back to Freeport. The last week had been as expected for Snyde. His team arrived at Castle Light Wolf more than three hours before the rest. While the Captains and other leaders bickered over strategies of war, he had sat quietly with his own plan already devised. And when the troops went to bed in the barracks of the Castle, Snyde and his men had slept in the upstairs of the Inn.

They were up well before the units had filed out of the Castle and began their journey along the road to the Northern Pass. Snyde used the time to speak to his students.

“Stay close to the healers, will ya? I’ll walk on the north side of the road, and you two will walk on the south side. I’d imagine they’ll stick together until the Pass. At which point, I wantchu each to go with a group. But please lads, make sure to keep yur eyes and ears open for any trouble. ‘Specially around those Khal camps.”

Juno, the Barbarian Rogue, and Eterin, the Teth Rogue, nodded in agreement. As the army passed, the three vanished.

As expected, the Captains split up the groups. Juno shadowed Sir Keegan Quicksteed’s party and Eterin was with Dawnseer Mistwielder, a personal friend of his. Snyde had a hunch that if anyone was going to get themselves in a mess, it would be the Barbarian, Captain Volgo. So as the most experienced, he followed the Warrior’s group.

Of course, you are well aware of what happened next. Captain Volgo, as Snyde predicted, ran into the Khal camp, his sword swinging like a madman. And sure enough, the Captain found himself face-to-face with the Warlord. Snyde sat back and watched as the Warrior had fought his way to the center of the camp. When he saw the Warlord begin to charge, he wielded his blades and slowly circled the sword fight.

The Druid took even Snyde by surprise. In her white wolf form, she had bounded in and tried to protect the Captain. She was no match for the Warlord and was easily thrown aside. Snyde looked up to see Sir Keegan drawing his bow. Juno, who had been shadowing the Bard was beside Snyde, still invisible. Eterin had heard the commotion and broken into a full sprint to join the action before it was too late.

The Warlord stood over a knelt, defeated Volgo. He held the Khal blade tightly and the look of execution washed across his face. Snyde gave the signal to his students and they appeared just as the Warlord was swinging his sword. The three simultaneously unleashed their wounds, saving the Barbarian. The arrows from the Bard and the Rangers flew by. Snyde nodded at Sir Keegan and he and his students vanished again.

They spent the night on the bridge leading into Vox’s Castle.

“It’s a much safer lookout point,” explained Snyde. “Just in case this Mr. Horseman gets any funny ideas,” he said in his thick Irish brogue.

The next day they followed along with the group but stayed far back from the First Horseman. Snyde wasn’t about to give up his position if he didn’t have to. And sure enough, when the army was in a bind, Snyde gave the order to free them from their icy shackles. He then put himself in incredible danger, choosing to taunt the First Horseman. He had done well though and was delighted by his agility and dexterity. The only damage he took was a cut to the arm that was just a flesh wound.

Now in Freeport, the three exited the boat as it arrived at the dock. They were not allowed in the streets, at least not by a certain few that called themselves Werehunters. The Rogues were wolfwere’s or werewolves, depending on who you’re asking. They had all picked up the wolfwere infection in the Stone Burnt Mountains as they were exploring new areas. The advantages of the infections had been enormous. Their strength and speed were much greater but this was not without cost: the infection outcasted them from several cities such as Oasis, Freeport, and Snyde’s hometown, Qeynos. If they were to enter the cities, they would be marked with evil and instantly attacked by any Werehunter in range.

Snyde left Juno and Eterin and ran to the market district of the city to find his old friend, Banker Cordin. He snuck along the back walls, past the guards, and then sprinted down the hallway. The Piker and Rhea were his biggest enemies here and they both must have been out of the city that day.

Banker Cordin had a gift for Snyde left by Sir Keegan Quicksteed. The stealth black robe worn by the First Horseman was in a safe deposit box. Along with the robe, Sir Keegan had left a note thanking Snyde for his help and asked him to come along on their next assault. The meeting would be in the Rogue Clockworks region. He had three days to get there and he was to bring Juno and Eterin.


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